RE: [rp-ml] Reminder: Huntsville Open Manufacturing meetup this Thursday!

From: Jeremy Pullin <>
Date: Tue Jan 25 2011 - 11:45:25 EET


Sounds like a really good idea to me. I'm sure that other members of the
rp-ml would love to know how this goes and what sort of things come out
of this initiative so they know whether to try something similar in
their areas so please keep us informed.

Good luck.

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Subject: [rp-ml] Reminder: Huntsville Open Manufacturing meetup this

When: Jan 27th, 7pm

Where: Makers Local 256, 203 Brown St

Why: There have got to be more folks around town working on open
manufacturing projects like 3D printing, cnc machines, etc. I want to
create a community around this and see what kind of amazing things
come from it.

If you have/want/interested in a cnc machine, 3D printer, laser
cutter, vacuum forming table, laser cutter, or are good with 3D
modeling or CAD then you should considering attending. Going to hold
it on the last(fourth) Thursday of every month. Attendees are
encouraged to bring their projects, questions, and ideas. Please pass
this along where relevant. Let's get this thing going!

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