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Welcome back to the RPML! Long time no see.


I agree with everything you said about printing color pictures. Ever since
I could get color 4x6 prints for $0.13, 8x10 for less than $1.50 and 20x30
for less $10, I've lost all interest in printing my own pictures at home.
(I also must admit to having a reject rate on my prints at home of 50%.)
Personally, I think this says very good things about the future of the 3D
printing market if the analogy holds and the price of 3D printing at a
service bureau is cheaper than running a low cost printer at home, not that
I think its there yet. A service bureau will likely have a bigger build
envelope, more materials and the experience needed to make the part print
optimally. Those are good things that you won't be able to build into a
personal printer at a reasonable price.


 Sean Wise




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To all,


I went into shock yesterday when I went to buy ink for my home printer and I
left them on the shelf. For this first time since I have have owned a home
printer I found it more affordable to let Staples do my printing. Yes I
calculated the page cost while in the store and was able to make my decision
based on cost alone.


Now what does that say for ever getting a 3d home printer. Has the market
become so expensive that the service bureau industry could replace all home
printing. If I lived near a service center they most certainly would do all
my printing.


With rising prices for basic needs where will non-essentials such as home
based 3d printing fall? I am not encouraged for the future.







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