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From: David K. Leigh <>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2011 - 16:54:04 EEST

We've been involved with many systems over the years. The most
efficient material delivery systems for cost are not the 3D printers (I
put Objet, Projet, Stratasys in this category). They typically have
lower cost equipment with higher $/kg material. On the other side, SLA
is one of the highest cost as far as equipment, but lower cost $/kg. As
could be expected, if you buy the big fancy printer and run lots of
stuff through it, you gain some decent efficiencies. Our general rule
of thumb - if you outsource more than $10,000 per month, it makes sense
to investigate a machine purchase. If less than that, you're better off
not owning.


>From a little book I read once upon a time - Celebration of Discipline -
it had several nuggets of wisdom:


* Look with healthy skepticism at all "buy now, pay later"

* Buy things for their usefulness rather than for their status.



Maker bots will be a good hobby and will help influence 3D creativity -
but owning your own multifunctional 3D printer is probably never going
to realistically happen. I don't even have a Xerox copy machine at my


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To all,


I went into shock yesterday when I went to buy ink for my home printer
and I left them on the shelf. For this first time since I have have
owned a home printer I found it more affordable to let Staples do my
printing. Yes I calculated the page cost while in the store and was able
to make my decision based on cost alone.


Now what does that say for ever getting a 3d home printer. Has the
market become so expensive that the service bureau industry could
replace all home printing. If I lived near a service center they most
certainly would do all my printing.


With rising prices for basic needs where will non-essentials such as
home based 3d printing fall? I am not encouraged for the future.







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