[rp-ml] Request for testing help with Remote Monitoring

From: Andrew Graves <agraves_at_totalcsteam.com>
Date: Wed Nov 02 2011 - 00:22:08 EET

Dear Listers

I have recently completed the coding of a new version of our remote
monitoring & analysis software - the Process Control Module (PCM). It now
fully integrates 3D Systems' LS machines as well as SL systems.
It does not collect & analyze log files for LS as it does for SL systems,
but the rest of the functionality is there - in particular, it remotely
monitors system status from either a computer on the network or from
anywhere else via a web page. It can send an alert message to a cell phone
if a system stops/crashes etc.

I am now in the final phases of Beta testing and would like to hear from
anyone that would be willing to test the software. I would particularly like
help in 2 areas:
1. From people running multiple LS systems
2. People in Europe outside the UK (due to the different date formats etc.)

Please e-mail me if you would like to help. There would be a discount on the
final product for any testers.



Andrew Graves
Total C S Team, Inc.
Tel: +1 661-803-4800
Fax: +1 661-554-7181
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