RE: [rp-ml] Zcorp!?

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Tue Nov 22 2011 - 17:29:31 EET

I was about to ask about the effect of RepRap and Fab at Home on the effect
of 3D Systems. I think Adrian and Jeremy's response to him made cogent
points and are both right: 3D can't stop RepRap, much as it's leaders might
wish they could, but in fact, 3D probably benefits from RepRap, which is
growing the space that 3D seeks to dominate.

Adrian, can you (or others) put some numbers behind your comments about the
number of RepRaps and its derivatives, as well as the number of proprietary
fabbers sold? (I used to keep such statistics, along with Wohlers, but that
was long before RepRap existed.)


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No matter how much 3D buy, they can't stop RepRap. RepRap is not something
is amenable to control by purchasing.

We think there are now more RepRaps and RepRap derivatives (including
etc) in the world (starting to grow from Number One in 2008) that there have
been proprietary 3D printers sold since the technology was invented 30 years

3D own Bits from Bytes and BotMill, both RepRap derivatives, of course. But
trying to buy up all those will be like trying to drink the sea...


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