Re: [rp-ml] Re: Zcorp & the future of innovation

From: Adrian Bowyer <>
Date: Wed Nov 23 2011 - 01:39:26 EET

On 22/11/11 18:10, G. Sachs wrote:
> Ever hear of Intellectual Ventures? They have more than 13,000 patents already
> and are creating, or buying at least 2000-3000/ year. Apple and others have just
> decided to pay them annual "protection money" rather than risk having them come
> a calling. There could easily be 2-3 among those thousands that could eventually
> even give even you guys a headache (especially since that's all these guys do

All the legal and financial power in the world has not put even the
slightest dent in copyright MP3 downloads. It is impotent against
data, it is impotent against people en mass, and - most significantly
- it is impotent against ideas.

As Neil Gershenfeld says, "You can't sue the human race."

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Dr Adrian Bowyer
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