[rp-ml] Simple CAD for teaching

From: Charles Overy <cwho_at_lgm3d.com>
Date: Tue Feb 07 2012 - 19:24:47 EET


I have a group of 5 very smart students visiting me once a week for 8-10
weeks. Some are in middle school and some in high school. We are going to
use TinkerCAD and Sketchup in our work but I had seen an even simpler CAD
program that basically used cubes to create geometry. I can't find it
again now. Does anyone know of it and can you point me in the right

Also, if anyone has any great tips on projects and ideas for these kids, I
am all ears. Too many years behind a monitor and in the shop means that I
forget what these kids don't know! If we can raise the funds, one
group is interested in building a RepRap/Makerbot. Another is trending
toward civil engineering design. (snowboard parks!)


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