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From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2012 - 23:01:57 EET

Well now, Stewart, you've turned this discussion serious. This would be an
analog of a Turing test, but very different. A Turing test is a test of an
artificial intelligence's ability to answer questions in a way that are
convincingly human. The concept does not involve any visual or auditory
aspects of how the answers are conveyed. The fabbed Wally in the cartoon
would have miserably failed any Turing test conducted behind a curtain
because it gave no answer at all to the secretary's question. What the Wally
model exhibited was the ability to convincingly mimic human visual

I propose that we establish the fabber (or 3-D printer) analog of the Turing
test and name it the Wally test in honor of this cartoon.

And then people who have the time can debate which test will be passed
first, Turing or Wally.

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The test of whether Wally's 3DP "clone" is Wally or not is called the Turing

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 2:05 PM, Brock Hinzmann <> wrote:
> Good comments, Marshall. For the non-regular readers of Dilbert: The
> person in the cubicle, Wally, is an ingenious engineer who spends
> inordinate amounts of time and energy avoiding doing any productive work,
> The pointy-haired boss, whom the woman in today's version references,
> often gives Wally or Dilbert (an earnest, if socially inept engineer)
> projects to do, which Dilbert often realizes are futile or which Wally
> manages to avoid doing at all. In this case, we can all be certain
> that Wally is not doing what the pointy-haired boss wanted him to do
> and we hope to see imaginative diversions in the coming days. The
> cartoonist, Scott Adams, writes from personal experience about the
> dark side of Silicon Valley or almost any office environment.
> Brock

> Marshall Burns wrote:
>> Intelligence test! What's my score if it took me a full three seconds
>> to figure out what was going on?
>> And are points deducted or added if I have no idea what the people
>> are talking about in the comments?
>> Marshall Burns
>> (More points deducted for woefully outdated website.)
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>> For those of you who have not already seen today's issue of the
>> Dilbert cartoon, or even if you have, here's the link to the color
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