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From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 14:45:51 -0800

I've never heard of such a tradition, and here's a good reason:

Has anyone ever checked if any machine is capable of making materials that
are safe to eat or drink out of? I don't think so. Especially something
alcoholic, which might tend to bring nasty components out of the materials?

I would be very careful about participating in such a tradition.

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The Makerspace Urbana has a SoliDoodle

During the meeting(s) we had to plan how to get the machine set up and begin
printing objects on it, it was mentioned that...

A tradition exists within Hackerspaces that, after the Calibration Pyramid
is printed, the next object to build is a shot glass - Or, preferably one
glass per person in attendance - And a toast is drunk to the 3D printer
using glasses that it printed.

Can anyone confirm this tradition and say whether it is documented anywhere?


-Stewart Dickson
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