[rp-ml] football player copy

From: Andrea E. Reinhardt <reinhardt_at_microtec-d.com>
Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2013 05:02:58 +0100

following the posts here just some more background:

At microTEC we don't use any 3d-scanning as we in micro/small parts (90%
are in life science and technical applications like lab on a chip,
sensor systems a.s.o)
so we design the parts 3D to cover the functionality (e.g. if
multimaterial means hydrophobic and hydrophilic areas for smart spotting
and fluid transport).
But time by time people order elements related to their collections or
any other private
interest, they send 3d cad data and we produce the part for them,
many year ago someone send us his favorite football player to produce

One day a team active in research related to hearing asked us to
re-produce scanned small bones

Greetings from Germany
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