Re: [rp-ml] The future of rp-ml

From: Reinhardt <>
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2013 20:22:44 +0200

Dear Seppo

thats great news
and particular with the Fin background open source :-)

All the best for the transfer and thanks again for all your hard work in
the last decades

Greetings from Germany
Am 01.04.2013 19:50, schrieb Seppo J Niemi:
> Thank you all for your kind replies, both on and off the list. I
> received so many emails that I won't be able to send a proper reply to
> each of you personally. I'm sorry for that, but I hope you understand.
> It's good to see that the good ol' rp-ml still has an important part
> in the RP community and so many of you were willing to assist in
> finding a new home for the list.
> In my opinion it is important that the list should be managed and
> hosted by a non-profit organization and, being a Finn myself, I
> thought it would be nice if the list would stay in Finland. Therefore
> I am pleased to inform you that FIRPA (Finnish Rapid Prototyping
> Association) has agreed to provide the necessary server capacity to
> continue running the list.
> The technical details are still being worked out, but fortunately
> there is no hurry. I can keep the old server running until the end of
> August. It is possible that a new domain name will be registered for
> the list, something like
> I will get back to you as soon as there is something new to tell about
> the future of the list.
> Seppo
> PS. As to the matter of having been made redundant, it is not as bad
> as it sounds. I have had another job for a long time now, and this
> sysadmin work has been just a hobby for me. I'm just a little bit
> sorry that it had to end, but fortunately I still have the rp-ml :-)
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