[rp-ml] Printing costs

From: Harri Humppi <harri.humppi_at_tut.fi>
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 17:56:25 +0300


I have been trying to find out printing costs of 3D-printers. I want
to find out all printing costs. (material, support material,
maintenance, cost per model, etc.) I would also like to find out who
are the largest 3D-printer resellers in Europe. I am interested in
printers that cost about 2000-35000$. Seems that this information is
not easy to find.

Do you have any suggestion, where/how to find out information?

My options and success
A. Look for information from internet, not so successfull
B. Contact manufacturers, they didn't answer
C. Contact resellers in my country, the don't own all choices
D. ?

I'm a new member.

Thank you!,
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