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From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 01:36:23 -0700

Thank you Seppo for keeping this alive, as well as for preserving the record
of the past in the archives.

We are finally starting to see in the world the revolution that we were
envisioning back when the RP-ML first started.

Marshall (outdated)

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Subject: is dead, long live

Finally the time has come to introduce the new rp-ml list server at the
brand new domain The old address does not work any
more and you should update the entry in your address books. The new address
of the list is

The list will continue to work as before, hopefully you will still find it
as worthwhile and informative as you have been these past 18 years. In
Finland, and I suppose in many other countries as well, 18 years is a
remarkable number, because at that age a person is considered to become an
adult. It's only fitting that at the age of 18 the rp-ml has finally a
domain name of its own.

As befits the coming of age, the management software has also been upgraded
and it now has many more features than the old one. Including a
WWW-interface to manage subscribtions. You all should have received a
welcome message when I added your address to the list. Please keep the
message and the password it contains - it will make it easier for you to
manage your subscriptions in the future. The welcome message also includes a
link to the WWW-management interface.

The server is now a virtual machine hosted by Nebula Ltd and it is provided
courtesy of FIRPA. I want to thank Mr. Jukka Tuomi and Mr. Roy Björkstrand
of FIRPA for making it possible.

Many happy years to the rp-ml.

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