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Now that's funny.

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Hi Charlie,

When you write "Why would i be in this?", what/where exactly are you in? Is there anything I can do? Does it hurt?

Cheers mate,


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Why would i be in this?

Charlie Norton
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Hi Doug,

Do you have a 3D CAD? .iges or .STEP would be preferred as this is for Rapid Tooling and Injection Moulding.


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Subject: Request for Quotation

Chatham Research has initiated a proposal to substitute 3 D PLA parts in lieu of painting some parts of the lures that are sold under the Got Stryper name.

The parts are needed in 3 colors-white,black, and pink.

The volume of each part is approx 0.18 cu. inches with a diameter of 0.65 inches and height of 1.2 inches.

Initial quantities needed are 10,000 of each color.

If your organization has the resources to deliver the above within a three month schedule, please respond to this email and we will include your organization in our list of possible sources.

Assuming a modicum of success with this new product, the probable expansion to 50,000 parts of each color is anticipated.

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