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From: Chris Jones <>
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2013 16:54:20 +0100

Hello Tim,

We are currently involved is discussing, implementing, and testing several of these topics in our software at Delcam.

Chris Lewis Jones

AM development manager

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From:<> [] On Behalf Of Tim Caffrey
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Subject: New software tools for AM

Greetings rp-ml,

Are you using any new AM-specific software tools, such as tools for topology optimization, lattice structures, part consolidation, or automated support/anchor generation? This includes both standalone software or modules that integrate with existing software tools. We'd like to know how much the user community is employing these types of software tools. Thanks in advance for your input!

Tim Caffrey
Associate Consultant
Wohlers Associates, Inc.
479-409-3957 <>
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