Stratasys settlement

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 16:57:23 -0800

There has been zero interest in this before, but I will post about it again.
Maybe I'm the only old timer who put my money where my mouth was and bought
stock in the fabber startups.


Formal notice of the proposed settlement of the Hennig lawsuit has been
distributed to Stratasys shareholders. As expected, it provides nothing of
any value to Stratasys or its shareholders, large or small, but it asks for
$450,000 in fees for the Plaintiffs' lawyers. The "Plaintiffs" means,
essentially, all shareholders who are not defendants in the lawsuit, which
includes me, and I'm incensed that this firm is charging me nearly a
half-million dollars for wasting my time and wasting Stratasys' time and
money defending a frivolous lawsuit.


The notice allows shareholders to appear in person in Delaware to raise any
objection. I'm not going to travel across the country for this, but I'm
looking into whether I can find a way to have my objections considered by
the court in writing.


Marshall Burns

Ennex Corporation

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