Re: How good is Imageware Surfacer...Yes, it works....but look at the support issue.

From: Innomation Systems & Technologies Pte. Ltd., (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 16:10:58 EEST

hi Ellis and re-folks,

most important in acquiring Surfacer is to know who will be supporting you.
i agree with some of the comments that you may have to struggle with
Surfacer in the beginning.....but it will all boil down to the technical
support your vendor can provide to you as the key to your success.

for me personally, it really doesn't matter Surfacer is the RE solution
that i will use....for me...i LOVE Surfacer and i know how to make it
works. but to my customers i see that i must extend even greater support in
the software so that they may enjoy what i enjoy in using the Surfacer

it doesn't pay if the software can do all the wonders but none of your
vendors can provide you with the adequate support. so my suggestion...look
into the support issue and not just the technical aspects first.....have
them work on some problems that you may encounter....have them forsee the
problems that you will encounter. maybe that will be your criterias.

joseph sim

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