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From: Rolf Hubert (
Date: Wed Oct 20 1999 - 16:06:16 EEST

Steve, nice job. I too would like to see Sanders sell 10000 systems. Perhaps the
will wake up and realize that speed and concept models is not everything. The MMII
builds smooth models, a requirement in jewelry, toys, medical, and production

Good luck with your new business.

Rolf Hubert
Sanders Prototype, Inc.

Steven wrote:

> Dear RP'ers:
> I have enjoyed the past year and a half on this list and I wanted to share my
> new business model with all of you. I have decided to offer online classes in
> solid modeling using FormZ to the jewelry industry. I see this industry as
> maybe one of the largest untapped markets for RP. It is probably one of the
> most decentralized industries, besides dentistry, using the lost wax casting
> method.
> To this end, I have set up a website at:
> I hope Sanders sells 10,000 machines to our industry and that I have a part in
> their success. I have long theorized that the RP industry would benefit by the
> broadening of the CAD users base from the high end engineering based software to
> the lower end modelers for the masses.
> This may also be another milestone in Marshall Burns' often talked about fabber
> revolution.
> I would appreciate any comments you all may have on my presentation of the
> material.
> Sincerely,
> Steven Pollack
> President
> The Missing Link Jewelers
> XYZ Academy
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