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My daughter gets a catalog occasionally from a doll company that will make a
"sibling" which is created from combinations of different facial features,
hair color and consistency, etc. So, it sounds like the WPAFB info adds
another level of sophistication to that company.


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On the topic of 3D portraits, there is a firm near Daytona Beach, Florida
that will scan you with a cyberware scanner to make a bust of you at 1/3
scale. It is not full scale, because it would weigh too much. The bust is
machined out of foam and then bronzed.

On this topic, tests run at Wright Patterson AFB have resulted in the
finding that nearly all human faces correlate quite well against a small
database of a few hundred faces. This would seem to mean that if you
digitized these several hundred eigenfaces in 3D, you would not have to
digitize a clients face, but rather pick the already digitized eigenface
that correlates with the customer that wants his face to be digitized.

Al Hastbacka

I understand that they have had many requests to make smaller busts that can
be attached to an urn that holds the clients ashes after being cremated.

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