RE: [rp-ml] Rapid Prototyping Community

From: Deelip Menezes <>
Date: Sat Oct 04 2008 - 07:52:43 EEST

Resending this email as it bounced back



"P.S.: If you want to do something for the RP community, how about crafting
a nice search engine for the list's archives?"


That should not be much of a problem. Hannu or Seppo can add a Google Custom
Search Engine (CSE) to the RPML archives page at Since you can drill down to any message since

1995 by clicking on the links, Google's robot will do the same and index
each and every message that was ever posted to the RPML. You could then be
able to type a term in the CSE search box and let Google do the hard work of
showing you the results.


And if have correctly understood the way Google works, letting Google index
the RPML archives by means of a CSE will put them higher up in Google's
database. So anyone searching for RP related stuff on Google will be shown
information from the RPML archives as well, which could mean greater
exposure for the RPML.


For those who don't know what a Google CSE is or looks like, you can see the
one I added to my blog at See the small edit box with the
"Search" button. It's very easy to do. Mine took just 9 lines of HTML code
provided by Google, that's all.


For more information on Google CSE, see




Deelip Menezes




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