Pulley prototypes? Stamping Q's

Date: Fri Feb 13 1998 - 10:59:06 EET

Hello all,

I need to make about 30 pulleys for functional tests. These have to be
production intent, so machining is out. The mass prodution method is
stamping then rolling. One piece of 3mm steel drawn about 50mm -- no
joints. I'm not a stamping guy, so I'm not especially familiar with
this process and I don't visit the production facility until late next
week. I'm trying to get a head start here.

Has anyone out there used a LOM pattern as a tool for hydroforming? Any
hydroform companies you can recommend (as close to SE Asia as

Could one use SLA QuickCast to make a near-net-shape tool insert, finish
it then use the normal press? Would the investment cast tool be strong
enough? I'm interested in speed rather than cost, even though I suspect
that this will be cheaper, too.

Any thoughts?

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