RE: Aaroflex and Thanksgiving

Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 23:41:19 EET

To all,

I've got the third dollar!


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        Well put Dan, in fact I will get in line and put up the second
dollar to hear this "STORY" from Albert!

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> For almost three years we have been tight lipped about our
> legal problems with Aaroflex. But early this year a Federal
> decided in our favor that Aaroflex return our down payments
> States District Court for the Western District of Michigan,
Docket No.
> 1:97CV473). We had to fight them for two years while they threw
> legal roadblock in our way. Needless to say, our legal fees where
> To say the loss of a substantial downpayment and the legal fees
hurt us
> is an understatement. We had settled out of court and Al Young
> on that. Now he is ignoring a federal court ruling. We are not
the only
> ones that have lost downpayments on a machine. When Al Young
came out
> with his Thanksgiving message about how thankful he was, it was a
> stab in the back to us that have struggled with this loss.
> By the way, the Aaroflex and Aarotec companies are shells. Our
money has
> disappeared into a black hole.

        I was personally saddened to hear of this situation. Growing a
business and
        making it prosper is hard enough. Dealing with companies like this
        too many businesses and it creates hardships for the owners,
employees and
        their families. Imagine being a small business owner with tens of
        of your own dollars in limbo for years while paying to do legal
battle in the
        courts. How painful would it be to win in court but go ahead and
accept an
        out-of-court settlement only to have that agreement ignored? And
imagine how
        you would feel when you see that person posting his thoughts on the
value of
        Thanksgiving to the world.

        Based on what I've seen here on the RP-ML, I'm sorry to say that
the next
        posting from Albert Young will probably be his wishing everyone a
        Christmas and prosperous new year.

        Once again Albert, WHERE'S THE BEEF?! Here's your chance to step up
        explain to the world how you can (according to this posting) ignore
a Federal
        Judge's decision and continue to hold onto other companies'
        I'd gladly pay to hear your justification -- I'll contribute the
first dollar
        to a fund for the companies that you and your firm appear to have
had such a
        significant negative impact on.

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